Mind Health

We know that the life of the mind is dependent on positive psychological, physiological and spiritual health. Most people are more aware of the need for general bodily health than the need to actually regard ‘brain health’ as important in and of itself.

Mental health is a socially complex issue, and the Christian Church in general has, sadly, an incredibly poor record of taking care of people who suffer with clinically diagnosed mental health disorders. But the fact is that all of us are under attack in this increasingly sick, broken and dissolute world.

As such, within the rubric “Mind Health” we are particularly interested in the following:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Addiction Awareness and Recovery
  • Depression Recovery
  • Spiritual Wellbeing

We know that cognitive functionality is a necessary for optimum mind health, but being spiritually balanced is also a major part of having a healthy mind. At present Cognitive Ministries works in association with the North England Conference (UK) Health Ministries Department (led by Grace Walsh) as well as with the organisation Ray of Hope 4u (led by Ray Patrick). It is our aim to continue building relationships with organisations that link Bible-believing spirituality to mental health.

Positive mind health is nothing but an asset to a deeper intellectual and spiritual life – which we hope will ultimately lead to people experiencing salvation in Jesus Christ.


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